Wolf Tooth EnCase System Chain + Tire Plug Multi-Tool


Product Overview

This durable tool is designed to fix tubeless tires and broken chains. One end has a chain tool and a tire pug is built into the handle. There is addition storage for tubeless tire plugs. With the use of the Encase Storage Sleeves, you can fit this multi-tool in the bar ends of your handlebars, as well as fitting in your Revelate ToolCash pouch
  • Compatible with all bicycle chains, including 12-speed

  • Inserter tool and bacon strips plug holes in tubeless tires

  • Five bacon strip tire plugs included; refills available 

  • Hardened steel chain pin driver for lifetime durability

  • Store in handlebar with EnCase Storage Sleeve 

  • Chain tool driver requires 4mm hex 

Dimensions: 102mm long, 15mm diameter

Weight: 46g

Material7075-T6 aluminum, CrMo steel, butyl strips

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