Tubus Logo Evo Rear Rack


Product Overview

Tubus' Logo Evo may be the best rear rack on the planet.  If this rack fits your bike (and it fits a huge range) it is almost always our first recommendation.  Lightweight, durable, elegant and reasonably priced - the Logo Evo checks all the boxes. 

One key feature that sets this rack apart is the lower rail and additional support for your panniers.  This adds strength, stiffness and stability, helps keep weight low, moves bags back for added heel clearance and opens up the deck for strapping of other gear or attachment of a rack-top bag without interfering with your panniers.  Looking for a lighter, more minimal alternative?  Check out Tubus' Vega Evo. 

Welded from tubular cro-moly steel, the Logo Evo is backed by a 30 year (!) warranty.  Unlike cheaply-made aluminum racks, this is a travel companion for the long haul with a strength-to-weight ratio that can't be beat.  Tubus designs their racks to withstand extreme conditions and tests them rigorously to standards well beyond those mandated by the DIN or ISO.  Here's a link to Tubus' page outlining their testing practices if you want to nerd out a bit. 

Bottom Line:  If it fits your bike, get the Logo Evo and you will not be disappointed.

Fit Notes:

Like most rear racks, the Logo Evo requires four M5 or M6 threaded attachment points - two at the dropouts and two near the top of the seat stays.  M5 hardware is included.  Does your bike have dropout eyelets but no attachment points on the seat stays?  Check out Salsa's Rack Lock seat collar and Post Lock seatpost mount to add those upper attachments.  Assuming you have the required mounting points, there are two main reasons why this rack may not fit your bike. 

The first is tire clearance.  Tubus lists a max tire width of 60mm (2.4") and max fender width of 65mm (2.6").  This is a good, conservative guideline.  However, we've successfully used the Logo Evo on bikes like the Surly ECR or Tumbleweed Prospector with tires up to 29x3.0".  The bike pictured above is a Tumbleweed Prospector with 29x2.8" Teravail Coronado tires on rims with a 44mm internal width.  The actual width of this tire/rim combo is 70mm and the rack clears by more than a centimeter on either side - adequate, though cozy. 

The second fit consideration is the rack's deck height.  Unlike some other racks like Surly's CroMoly Rear Rack, the height is not adjustable.  The deck sits 370mm (14.6") above the bottom eyelet.  On many bikes with 26" wheels or smaller, this may place the deck higher above the wheel than desired.  This is partly an aesthetic problem but the higher center of gravity can reduce stability and negatively impact handling.  Smaller riders may also have a difficult time swinging their leg over the relatively high deck - especially with gear strapped on.  Check out Surly's CroMoly Rear Rack if you need the ability to adjust rack height. 

Overall, we recommend taking some good measurements from your bike and referencing Tubus' technical drawing to confirm the fit.  Feel free to call or email with fit questions, we're happy to help!


  • Materials:  25CrMo4, 10mm outer diameter, 0.4mm wall thickness.
  • Hardware:  Stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers.  Aluminum RoundStays and mounting bridge.
  • Wheel Size: 26" to 29".  Max stated tire clearance 60mm or 2.4"
  • Weight Limit:  26kg* or 54.3lbs.  (Tested with 40kg.  See note below.)
  • Finish:  Black or Silver powdercoat.
  • Made in Germany
* Note from Tubus on Weight Limits:  ISO 11243:2016 requires that all luggage carriers with a carrying capacity of 27 kg or more automatically be approved for the attachment of child seats, too. In our opinion, transporting children on luggage carriers is dangerous, so we voluntarily restrict the carrying capacity of Tubus luggage carriers to max. 26 kg, thus excluding the attachment of child seats and/or the transport of children on our carriers. This restriction has only the legal reasons mentioned above. Tubus carriers are still tested with considerably higher luggage loads (which are specified for each product in brackets).