Salsa Post-Lock Rack Mount


Product Overview

Salsa's Post-Lock is a convenient, secure solution for mounting a rear rack on bikes that lack seatstay eyelets. It works especially well on bikes with very short seat tubes as you can move the attachment point up the seatpost for appropriate rack stay height.

VERY IMPORTANT!!  This is not a seatpost clamp!  It will not hold your seatpost up!  The Post-Lock has a smooth bore for positioning anywhere along the exposed portion of a seatpost.  Not compatible with carbon fiber seatposts.

Check out the Salsa Rack-Lock Seat Collar if you want a seatpost clamp with rack eyelets that will actually hold your seat up.

  • Two M5 threaded eyelets for rack attachment
  • Secures to post with a single M5 bolt
  • 31.6 & 27.2 options - Choose the size that matches your seatpost diameter.
  • NOT compatible with carbon seatposts