TRP RRL Brake Levers


Product Overview

These excellent levers are our first choice for drop bar bikes with short-pull brakes.  The modern aesthetics may take some adjustment for those with more traditional tastes but the ergonomics are second to none. Looking for the same comfort with a retro-styled twist?  Check out the drilled-lever version with gum rubber (or black) hoods.  

The lever bodies are precisely sculpted to fit in the pocket of your palm and the tall "horn" at the front of the hood provides a secure, confident grip over bumpy terrain.  The durable, high-quality resin hoods are textured and fit very tightly over the lever bodies for slip-free grip.  The lever blades are angled out and back for a firm, secure pull on the brakes from the hoods or the drops. 

We especially like these levers on flared drop bars such as the Salsa Cowchipper

  • Compatible with short-pull brakes (sidepull, centerpull, cantilever or short-pull disc)
  • NOT compatible with long-pull brakes (linear pull, V-brakes, long-pull disc)
  • Grippy, textured resin hoods
  • Spring loaded, push button cable tension quick release
  • Pull ratio is similar to SRAM levers, 2.0
  • Ergonomic design

Warranty Information