Avid Speed Dial 7 Brake Levers Pair


Product Overview

Speed Dial 7 levers are strong and light, with great ergonomics and adjustable leverage ratio designed for long pull brakes. These work with linear pull brakes (Avid, Shimano V-brakes, Long-Pull Mechanical Disc Brakes, etc), and help to provide smooth, efficient and powerful braking.

  • BEND ZONE - A feature designed to have the handle absorb and bend in a crash so that it does not damage the lever body
  • REACH ADJUSTMENT - Makes it easy to adjust your brake and shift lever for maximum one-finger control for that perfect fit and feel
  • SPEED DIAL - Determine the perfect balance between power and modulation of your linear pull rim or mechanical disc brakes
  • 2 LEVERS - Includes a pair of 2 aluminum levers that are suitable for both right and left handlebars
  • COMPATIBLE - All levers are compatible with mechanical disc brakes and linear-pull brakes to work seamlessly

*weight of pair-135 g

*defined color-grey and black