Tektro FL750 Brake Lever


Product Overview

Tektro FL750 is a classic, simple brake lever for your short-pull brakes.  They're great with sidepull, centerpull or cantilever brakes.  Not compatible with long-pull brakes such as linear-pull or V-brakes and most mechanical disc brakes.  

We like this brake lever on backswept handlebars such as the Albatross and the Soma Oxford.  They're compatible with any flat handlebar with a 22.2mm grip diameter.

Even though these are flat-bar levers, we prefer to use road-type brake cables with the mushroom shaped head as they nest neatly into the cable anchor.

These levers don't have a barrel adjustor like most modern flat-bar levers, so you'll want to be sure you've got a barrel adjustor elsewhere for fine adjustments. 

Try a pair on your bike!  We think you'll like them.


Warranty Information

Bike Touring News 90 warranty on MFG. defaults.