Timber Mountain Bike Bell


Product Overview

Unless you only ride your own private network of trails (in which case we wish you'd share) you're inevitably going to encounter other users.  Whether they're bike riders, hikers, runners, dog walkers, unicyclists, hunters, coyotes, bears, or mountain lions, you have a responsibility to alert them of your presence and pass safely.  If you’re like us, you probably already use one of the following ways of communicating with other trail users, all of them inadequate for their own reason.

  • Mount a cowbell or bear bell to your bike that produces a constant ringing sound. Highly effective at announcing your presence but you have to listen to the sound of the bell for your entire ride.
  • Ride without a bell and pass by shouting the tiresome “on your left”.  It doesn’t always get a positive reaction from the other user because more often than not, you've startled them.  Also, bears don't speak English. 
  • Ride with a traditional bike bell and ring it as you approach.  Unfortunately, to most people this sounds an awful lot like “Beep beep, get out of my way”. 

The Timber Bell solves these problems. Switch it on to allow the bell to ring, switch it off for silence. The motion of the bike activates the sound. Because the sound is passive, you communicate to other trail users a friendly, "Hey, I'm just letting you know I'm here". The advance notice gives other users time to find a safe place to move off the trail.  They can also gauge the speed of your approach as the ringing gets closer.  This is especially useful on busy trails or shared-use paths. 

  • Bicycle bell designed specifically for mountain biking but useful in a wide range of applications.
  • Features an on/off switch for awareness when you need it, and silence when you don't.
  • Slide the lever down for on, up for off or set it in between for a quieter sound.
  • Choose bolt-on or quick-release attachment.
  • Fits 35-22mm bars.