Tektro CR 720 Cantilever Brake


Product Overview

It is tough to wax eloquently about brakes but life changes quickly when they aren't working. These are a wide profile cantilever design so there is a lot of leverage when the straddle cable carrier is set up correctly....that is, high, so the straddle cable is at about 90 degrees to the brake lever arm when the brake is applied.

Coil spring with dual micro-adjusters
Pads are factory installed for rear wheel. For front wheel interchange the pads
Straddle cable and carrier are included
Works with canti or caliper brake levers
Sold as one wheel's worth, get two for a bike's worth.

Rim brake, short pull, Cantilever, Aluminum. There is more about brakes at the Bike Touring News blog.

Polished Silver



Warranty Information

90 day warranty from Bike Touring News on MFG defects.