Swift Hold Fast Frame Bag

$112.00 - $118.00

Product Overview

Swift's Hold Fast frame bag is a practical home for awkwardly shaped essentials like your pump, your tent poles, or your hydration bladder. It's also ideal for any smallish items you want to keep close at hand. Phone, keys, wallet, snacks, etc. Running frame-mounted water bottles? Don’t fret: Swift took extra care to maintain clearance so you can easily slip your bottles in and out of their cages. The Hold Fast Half Frame bag will add functional capacity to your setup, whether it’s for your daily commute or an overnight adventure!

The roomy main compartment, accessed by a water resistant zipper, is a perfect home for long or oddly shaped items. On the non-drive side of the bag you will find a small zipper pocket with room to stow a wallet and snacks. There’s even more to the Hold Fast Half Frame Bag: an external daisy chain runs the length of the underside, providing a lash point for your tent poles, tenkara rod, wizarding wand or other long, skinnyish things.

In order to accommodate different frame sizes the Hold Fast Half Frame Bag comes in three sizes. Please, check the measurements of each size and measure the internal dimensions of your frame to get the bag that will fit best. 


  • Challenge Sailcloth ECOPAK (EPLX400) recycled shell fabric
  • Challenge Sailcloth recycled polyester bag cloth rip stop (450D)
  • Large, main pocket and small, external organizer pocket
  • YKK water resist zippers
  • .125″ closed cell foam for padding at top tube and downtube
  • Nylon mesh stabilizer along top tub to add rigidity and support.
  • One-wrap velcro attachment straps with flexible mounting points for top tube
  • Hydration hose/cable port on top panel of bag
  • Made in Seattle, WA.

Sizing and Fit

Unsure about the right size Hold Fast Half Frame Bag for your bike? Print out templates of the bags to test sizing at home:

1) Choose the file for the paper size you will be printing on. There are files sized for the Letter paper size common in North America and A4 for the rest of the world.
2) Print out the first page of the file at 100% scale
3) Measure the lines marked 100mm in the bottom left corner of the printout. If both measure 100mm, proceed to the next step. If the measurements are off, adjust the scale in your printing software. Most software only allows scaling as a percentage, but since this is 100mm, it should be easy to do the math—a measurement of 99mm should be printed at 101% scale, 102mm printed at 98%, and so on. If the two lines do not measure the same, aim to get the horizontal line correct. Reprint the first page until the measurement is correct.
4) Print the second page at the same scale that worked for the first page
5) Line up the printouts – there are registration marks to aid in this process. Tape one page to a window and then line up the registration marks on the other page. Once lined up, tape the two pieces together. Note that on 4L size, the registration marks may be outside of the printer’s margins. Confirm that the lines demonstrating the length and height of the bag are measuring as specified, then cut out the outline of the bag.
6) Compare the cutout to the bicycle frame, repeat for smaller or larger bag sizes until satisfied with the fit.  Still not sure if you've got a good fit?  Give us a call!  We're happy to help.