Salsa Cowchipper Deluxe Drop Bar - Black


Product Overview

This modern classic handlebar is now available in three extra-wide sizes: 48, 50 and 52cm.  Same groovy bends, just wider in the middle for more leverage, improved comfort and added bag space.  How sweet is that?  If your width needs are not so girthy and you prefer a classic aesthetic, the 46cm and narrower sizes are now available in a polished silver finish.  We have those over here.  Regardless of width or color, the smooth curves and flared drops of the Cowchipper provide plenty of comfort for your ride. 

These bars are the keystone of your cockpit for road touring, mixed-surface exploration or journeys beyond the limits of where drop bars have gone before.  As their name would suggest, these bars strike a balance between Salsa's moderately-flared Cowbell and the extreme dirt drop shape of the Woodchipper.  The "Deluxe" version is made from higher-quality aluminum with thinner walls for strength and weight savings, featuring a fine polished finish at the clamp area.  The graphics are minimal and unobtrusive for a clean aesthetic on any bike.  We think they're pretty much perfect. 

The 24-degree flare provides extra width and leverage in the drops, excellent for stability and control when the going gets rough.  As a handy-side effect, the flare also helps prevent integrated brake/shift levers from interfering with a handlebar or front rack-mounted load.  The angle between the tops and drops is only 12 degrees - nearly parallel compared to the 38-degree angle on the Woodchipper - allowing for comfortable, secure hand positions on the ramps, hoods and drops. 

Salsa takes the nominal width of these bars from the top of the brake hoods, measured center to center.  Therefore, the width in the drops will be much wider than the marked size.  For example, the 46cm bars measure 57.5cm center-to-center at the bar ends.

Pair them with the TRP RRL levers for a supremely ergonomic and comfortable cockpit.

  • 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50 and 52cm width options, measured center-to-center at the brake hoods. 
  • 31.8mm clamp area - 120mm wide for Anything Cradle, aerobars, etc.
  • Bar-end shifter compatible
  • 24-degree flare
  • 12-degree drop angle
  • 116mm Drop
  • 68mm Reach
  • AL-7050-T6 aluminum
  • Weight = 293g in 44mm (claimed)