Revelate Designs Nano Panniers


Product Overview

Revelate's new Nano Panniers are what happens when a bikepacking bag company sets out with a clean slate to design a set of panniers.  They are the perfect solution for smaller riders with very little space between saddle and tire for a large seat pack.  They are also useful for anyone needing extra carrying capacity for extended trips.  They provide a perfect space to carry heavy, dense items like food, water, tools and spares.  Their slim, low profile shape keeps them from dragging on trailside brush but they deliver a solid 13L of capacity - nearly as much room as a fully-expanded Viscacha seat pack! 

Compared to traditional panniers, these are very streamlined, lightweight and simple.  There are no heavy plastic stiffeners, metal hardware or failure-prone buckles.  The bags are sewn together with an adjustable harness and sling over your rack "saddlebag style" for a simple, hardware-free attachment.  No pannier clips to break!  They are optimized for racks with decks around 6" wide.  Nylon buckle straps allow for adjustment to fit narrower decks, or just allow them to hang a little lower.  The bags are tensioned with a simple cam-locking nylon strap to prevent flopping of the load.  Because of this design, the bags can only be used as a pair and are not compatible with lowrider racks. 

Contents of each bag are accessed by a single main zipper.  Revelate's Zipstretch system virtually eliminates zipper failures by using a heavy-duty molded-tooth zipper and stretch panels on either side to take the stress off the zipper when the bags are stuffed full. 

  • Weight:  16.4 oz/pair
  • Volume:  13 L/pair
  • Materials:  Revelate Lite Skin 150d exterior Waterproof stretch woven Cordura zipper panel XPac perimeter and inner lining. 840d Ballistics against rack

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