Ostrich F-516 Handlebar Bag


Product Overview

This is a finely crafted, compact handlebar bag that is perfectly suited for carrying the necessary gear for exploratory day rides or items you want close at hand when traveling. 

Though these bags are often described as "handlebar bags" they are best when rested on a front rack. 

The F-516 is unique among Ostrich's offerings in one very important way.  The flap closure over the main compartment opens towards the rider!  This is a big deal and something we've wanted to see from Ostrich for some time.  The flap is secured with a velcro closure, so it can easily be opened or closed with one hand while in motion. 

The clear map case on the top flap is closed off by a velcro strap, unlike the open side-loading map compartments on the F-104 and F-106. 

D-rings are attached to the sides for off-the-bike carry and a shoulder strap is included. 

The front pocket is quite flat but will provide ample storage for tools, wallet, phone, compact camera or other flattish essentials.  The pocket flap features an additional zip pocket for small items. 

  • Volume: 8.9L
  • Dimensions:  210mmH x 240mmW x 170mmD or 9.25 x 8.25 x 6.75"
  • Decaleur Attachment Height: 190mm or 7.5" from bottom of bag or rack deck