Ortlieb Map Case for Handlebar Bag, F1402


Product Overview

If you'd rather navigate with paper maps than rely on electronic devices, you need a map case.  Ortlieb's Ultimate Map Case is 100% waterproof and attaches to any Ultimate handlebar bag (except Ultimate Compact) with a convenient hook-and-cord system.  The map case can be folded and attachment points moved as needed to provide the map view you need and secure fixing to the bag's lid.  The highly adaptable attachment system also allows securement to a wide variety of other bags using the included hooks or alternative fasteners such as velcro tape. 

+ compatible with all Ultimate handlebar bags (except for the Ultimate Compact)

+ transparent front and rear cover made of tear-resistant and UV-resistant polyurethane

+ internal dimension: 28 x 27 cm (~11 x 10.5 in)

+ suitable for all standard map formats