Nitto Dirt Drop Handlebar RM-013

$72.00 - $90.00

Product Overview

The nuanced bends of Nitto's RM-013 Dirt Drop handlebars deliver a range of comfortable hand positions with a classic aesthetic.  This handlebar features a very slight rise from the clamp to the ramps along with a subtle 7-degree flare in the drops for a little extra leverage.  Compared to many of the radically-flared dirt drop handlebars on the market, these keep your brake levers in a more vertical orientation rather than angling them outward, so the lever position is more akin to a traditional non-flared drop bar.  The RM-013 is also very close to being parallel or square, making it easy to find comfortable wrist angles in the drops and on the tops. 

We like the wider sizes - especially the 52cm - for extra comfort and leverage.  It is important to know that the width measurement on these bars is taken from the bar ends, center to center.  This means the measurement at the brake hoods will be a bit narrower.  In other words, for a 52 cm bar the brake hoods will end up about 46 cm apart, on the 48 the hoods will be about 43 cm apart and the hoods will be roughly 40 cm apart on the 46 cm bar.  If in doubt, go wider.  You won't regret it! 

  • Aluminum construction
  • Variants with 25.4mm clamp are heat-treated for added strength
  • 26.0mm or 25.4mm clamp diameter
  • 46, 48 and 52cm widths (measured center to center at the bar end)
  • 7 degree flare at the drops
  • Drop: 145mm
  • Reach: 90mm
  • Made in Japan