Esbit Alcohol Burner


Product Overview

This is the same lightweight, durable and efficient alcohol burner as sold in the Esbit cookset we carry.  If you already have camp cookware and a suitable pot stand this is all you need to get started cooking with alcohol!  (It's better than gas, trust us.) 

The burner consists of three components: the burner itself, the extinguisher cap/simmer ring and the screw-on lid.  All are made from sturdy brass.  The extinguisher cap features an adjustable simmer ring to fine-tune your flame.  The screw-on lid incorporates a durable rubber o-ring so that the burner can be stored with fuel inside, eliminating the need to burn off excess fuel after cooking is finished.  The extinguisher cap snaps on to the lid for compact carrying. 

Denatured alcohol lights easily, burns hot with a clean flame (no sooty residue) and is the preferred fuel for alcohol burners, though many other fuels will work in a pinch.  Hardware stores sell denatured alcohol with the solvents and paint thinners.  Buy a large jug and dole it out into a reuseable fuel bottle like this one from Vargo to minimize waste and maximize space in your bags.  Auto parts stores also sell it as fuel line de-icer under the brand name HEET, among others.