Esbit Camp Stove - Alcohol Burner and Cookset


Product Overview

We are big fans of alcohol-fueled camp stoves for bike travel.  They are inexpensive, lightweight, simple, durable and highly packable.  No spendy specialty fuels or non-refillable canisters are required and there are no moving parts or complex components to fail.  This kit from Esbit combines a classic alcohol burner with a modern cookset for an efficient, fully featured camp kitchen that is easy to carry on the bike.  

The kit includes a pot stand/windscreen, a 985ml (33oz) pot, a 470ml (16oz) pot that doubles as a lid for the larger pot, an alcohol burner and a base for burning solid fuel tablets.  All components are made from lightweight, durable hard-anodized aluminum.  The pots feature silicone-coated foldaway handles that eliminate the need for a separate pot gripper.  Packed into the included stuff sack, the complete kit straps securely into most cargo cages like Salsa's Anything Cage or the Many Things Cage from King Cage

Esbit's burner is constructed from brass and includes an extinguisher cap with an adjustable simmer ring to fine-tune your flame.  The screw-on lid has a sturdy rubber o-ring for a tight seal, allowing the stove to be stored and transported with fuel inside.  This minimizes waste as leftover fuel does not have to be burned off after cooking is finished. 

Denatured alcohol lights easily, burns hot with a clean flame (no sooty residue) and is the preferred fuel for alcohol burners, though many other fuels will work in a pinch.  Hardware stores sell denatured alcohol with the solvents and paint thinners.  Buy a large jug and dole it out into a reuseable fuel bottle like this one from Vargo to minimize waste and maximize space in your bags.  Auto parts stores also sell it as fuel line de-icer under the brand name HEET, among others. 

Already have a pot stand and cookware?  We also sell the Esbit burner separately. 

  • Kit includes a 985ml pot with volume indicator in liters and ounces and a 470ml pot that also doubles as a lid for larger pot
  • Solid fuel base, pot stand, and alcohol burner nest inside big pot.
  • Stores in included mesh bag
  • Weight: 14.7 oz / 428 grams
  • Dimensions packed: 5.8"x5" / 14.7cm x 12.8 cm