Dyna-Snap Magnetic Wire Connection, 3 Pack


Product Overview

Have two different dynamo-powered devices - such as two different headlights, a headlight and separate USB charger, etc. - that you want to swap out on demand?  This is the pack you need.

Designed and made by Jon Littleford, a bicycle maker in Portland, OR., Dyna-Snaps use smart design and powerful rare earth magnets to make low voltage wire connection reliable, fast and easy.

Dynamo hubs and lights with traditional male and female spade connectors rely on a tight friction fit and their small size makes it difficult to connect or disconnect the wires. Over time the flexible spade connectors can become bent or broken with repeated use. And since it is difficult to get a firm grip on them the wire can be accidentally pulled out of the connector. The broad, flat mating surface of the Dyna-Snap connectors hold together without binding and yet can easily be pulled apart.

-Removing the front wheel to put the bike on a roof rack or to repair a flat means disconnecting the dynamo hub. With Dyna-Snaps it doesn't matter if one forgets to pull the wires off the hub first: the magnetic connection will easily disconnect, leaving one end of the wire on the bike and a short piece to the hub. When the wheel is replaced the magnets will snap back together completing the electrical connection.

-Bikes with S and S couplers can benefit too. A Dyna-Snap next to the brake and shift cable quick disconnects makes it easy to split the taillight wire before packing the bike. 

-If using a separate power converter for charging electronics, rather than using piggy-back connectors or some sort of bulky splice or switch, put a pair of Dyna-Snaps on the end of each wire and quickly make the change from powering the headlight to running power through the converter.

  • Each package contains three connectors and three lengths of shrink tubing
  • Weatherproof
  • Highly conductive
  • Instructions are printed on packaging.

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