Dia-Compe ENE Bar End Shifter


Product Overview

Dia-Compe ENE bar end shifters are friction only- no index option. So they will work with double or triple cranks and 5 to 9 speed cassettes or freewheels. These use the power ratchet or micro ratchet mechanism like the Rivendell Silver shifters. (They are made by the same company) The levers are sort if industrial looking which we personally like, and they feel good in the hand. 

Bar end shifters are simple and reliable- especially the friction version. The learning curve is short if you've never used this type of shifter; it will feel natural after very few miles. If you prefer the indexing option, go with the Shimano.

  • Friction only
  • Power ratchet mechanism for smooth shifting
  • Pods included
  • No cable or housing included

Add Cable and Housing and you're set.