Surly Cheater Bar


Product Overview

The Cheater Bar may look like a plain ol' boring flat bar but there is more going on than immediately meets the eye.  Look a little closer...

These are made from triple-butted, heat-treated 4130 CroMoly steel - no wimpy carbon fiber here - so they're tougher than the Terminator and much less expensive than a death-dealing robot from the future.  The 11-degree backsweep and generous 780mm span make for a comfortable grip angle when using the full grip width and plenty of control when pushing into corners.  The ends are marked for fool-proof trimming should you want to go narrower - assuming you know your way around a hacksaw - and the clamp area features crosshairs for precise positioning.  Zero rise, so these are perfect for bikes with tall front ends.  They tip the scales at around 450g, but you don't care about that anyway, did you?  Good.

We're especially big fans of the clear-coated raw version.  The brushed steel looks awesome under the glossy clear coat.  The metal will oxidize and develop a patina over time, delivering even more true metal rawness.  The black is black and we're ok with that too. 

  • Material: Cromoly steel
  • Clamp diameter: 31.8mm
  • Width: 780mm
  • Rise: 0mm
  • Sweep Angle: 11 degrees
  • Colors: Clear Coat Raw Steel or E.D. Coated Black
  • Weight: ~450g