Surly Open Bar


Product Overview

The Open Bar may be upright but it ain't uptight!  It's equally suited to cruising, commuting, touring and trail riding.  Categories are for suckers.  The 53-degree sweep makes it comfy for wrists and gives plenty of room to move front to back.  The 666mm width delivers ample control and leverage without being moto-wide.  It's got plenty of room for grips, shifters and brake levers. 

Like most Surly parts, it is made from 4130 Cro-Moly steel for ultimate toughness and durability at a reasonable weight.  Available with 40mm of rise/drop or a flat version.

  • 22.2mm diameter grip area - good to go for mtb brake levers, shifters and grips
  • 25.4mm clamp area (we have shims for your 31.8mm stem here)
  • 40mm rise or zero-rise options
  • 666mm wide
  • 53 degree sweep angle