Busch & Müller Ixon Core & Ixxi USB Light Set


Product Overview

This light set allows you to enjoy the benefits of B&M's German-made lights without committing to a dynamo-powered setup.  Both lights carry an integrated Li-Ion battery and recharge via micro USB ports. 

The Ixon Core headlight uses the same excellent optics as the Lumotec Eyc dynamo headlight and mounts to any size handlebar up to 31.8mm.  This is a very bright headlight at 50 lux in its full power mode.  12 lux in low power mode.  Run time at full power is 3 hours, low power is 15 hours.  In many well-lit areas low power is all you need.  The projected beam is brightest at the top and is progressively dimmer towards the bottom for even illumination of the road surface ahead, unlike so many other headlights you'll find in bike shops that are really just flashlights with a handlebar mount.

The Ixxi taillight is bright, simple, lightweight and easy to attach to any size seatpost with the included rubber strap.  Runtime is approximately 15 hours.  Side visibility is excellent across a 320-degree field of view.  This light complies with strict German traffic standards, so it may not be as powerful as the eye-scorching taillights that are common in the USA but provides ample visibility.  There are two settings - on and off - no flashing mode.  Flashing lights make it difficult for other road users to estimate your speed and can lead to "target fixation" when other users can't take their eyes off your flashing light, hence German traffic laws do not permit them. 

  • Universal, tool-free attachments fit handlebars up to 31.8mm and any size round seatpost.
  • Includes micro USB charging cable.