Tubus Logo Classic Rear Rack


Product Overview

The Tubus Logo Classic is one of the best carriers around - a perrenial favorite for riders on all kinds of bikes and terrain.  This rack is made from CrMo steel and are powdercoated. 

The Logo's design is efficient, light weight and extremely strong. The lower, rear-biased pannier rail is separated from the deck on top, allowing you to strap gear to the deck without interference with your panniers.  This also helps increase heel clearance since your bags can be mounted further back.

Tubus specifies a weight limit of 26kgs but tests their racks to a much higher standard.* (See note below.)

  • Material: CroMo
  • Weight Carrier: 800g
  • Weight Mounting Parts: 138g
  • Load Capacity: 26 kg/57.3 lbs.*

*Note from Tubus on Weight Limits:  ISO 11243:2016 requires that all luggage carriers with a carrying capacity of 27 kg or more automatically be approved for the attachment of child seats, too. In our opinion, transporting children on luggage carriers is dangerous, so we voluntarily restrict the carrying capacity of Tubus luggage carriers to max. 26 kg, thus excluding the attachment of child seats and/or the transport of children on our carriers. This restriction has only the legal reasons mentioned above. Tubus carriers are still tested with considerably higher luggage loads.

*Note on fit Overall, we recommend taking some good measurements from your bike and referencing the technical drawing above to confirm the fit.  Feel free to call or email with fit questions, we're happy to help!