Surly Tall Logo Wool Socks


Product Overview

These socks are a heavier, warmer merino wool blend than the other Surly socks we carry.  They're also just about knee-high, making them perfect for keeping your feet happy in colder conditions. Sock height varies by size and ranges from 12.5" to 13.25", measured from bottom of the heel to top of the cuff.  The stock photo is a little misleading as the sock appears to have been tucked into itself...  We'll get a more telling photo up as soon as our foot model gets back from her holiday in southern France.  Consult the size chart if you're not sure what size to order.

Wear them on the bike with a pair of knickers, 3/4 pants, shants or whatever else you want to call them for an optimal ratio of warmth to chainring clearance.  Wear them under your ski, snowboard or hiking boots.  Wear them with your puffy coat and long underwear when you're snuggled up next to the fire. 

They're mostly wool, with just enough synthetic fiber to improve durability and add a little stretch.  Like most wooly goods they resist stink, wick moisture well and are warm even when wet.  You already knew that though. 

NOTE: if you have burly calf muscles (over 17" circumference) these may be too snug in the calf for your liking

Warranty Information

BTN 30 day return policy after that Contact Surly at 800.346.0004 x2005