Surly Adjunct Personal Effects Moloko Bag


Product Overview

Perfect space filler and a very handy bag. We can't figure out if the name is a new acronym or not but the bag is sweet. Fits perfectly in the Moloko bars, and in our opinion, will work just fine with other handlebar bags like the Revelate Sweetroll or Revelate Harness. The design allows for an opening to run your cabling for your lighting system and/or gps tracking that may be powered by an accessory battery.  Best of all, the interior is yellow so you can actually see what you have stuffed in there! (and yes, it also fits a Jones Loop H-bar)

  • Constructed from urethane-coated nylon canvas to provide water-resistant protection
  • Elastic cord on top snuggly secures extraneous loose items like wrappers or gloves
  • Integrated light port allows a battery cord to pass through
  • Dimensions: 254 x 90 x 90mm