Surly Straggler Complete Bike, 700c - 56cm, Chrlorine Dream

We are expecting this new build mid July! Get in touch if you have any questions or want to reserve your new ride!

Product Overview

"A bike-packing inspired road/gravel bike, mostly at home on pavement but ready for trail duty when called" -Surly

The Straggler is a steel gravel bike that thrives on the road. If your looking for an all weather commuter, with capabilities including light-touring, cyclocross and a bit of off road riding, the Straggler fits the bill. This bike is meant to be ridden and don't underestimate its touring capabilities. This bike can carry the Surly 8-pack and 24-pack rack and well as having the Straggle-Check frame bags specifically designed for this build. The Straggler features all the braze-ons, similar to the Surly Cross-Check, with plenty of options for mounting racks, fenders and bottle cages.

If your looking to change up your ride as your wants and needs change, the Straggler will change with you, featuring forward-exiting horizontal dropouts for singlespeed compatibility and wheelbase adjustability. Another note from Surly on the Straggler..."Think of it as a “mountain biker’s road bike.” If you only have room for one bike in your life, Straggler can (and should) be your one and only."