Surly Bikes 24-Pack Rack


Product Overview

This is a burly, porteur-style platform rack rack that mounts securely to mid-blade and crown eyelets of Surly forks and some others.  Nearly all late-model Surly bikes have the required eyelets but some older models do not.  The stays are wide enough (5 1/2") to fit over almost any fatbike tire. Works with disc brakes or cantilevers.  Some v-brake bikes present special mounting challenges but the included hardware kit usually provides a solution.  The rack's design allows significant vertical and horizontal adjustability, allowing you position the load in the optimal location. 

Surly's Porteur House bag is designed to match the dimensions of this rack perfectly and provides all the cargo capacity you'd ever need.  Give it a look if you're thinking about the 24-pack.

Like the idea of a platform-style front rack but want something a little more svelte?  Surly's 8-Pack Rack just might scratch that itch.  There is even a Petite Porteur House Bag to match!


  • Color: Silver or Black
  • Material: 4130 CroMoly Steel
  • Platform Dimensions: 400mm x 270mm
  • Intended Use: Carrying beer.  Carries other stuff too.
  • Weight Limit (lbs): 30 lbs