Surly Rear Disc Rack


Product Overview

Ask and ye shall receive!  This is the rack you've been waiting for if you want to carry extra cargo on the back of your Surly with seatstay-mounted disc brake calipers.  The standard width fits your Krampus, Karate Monkey or Straggler.  The wide version is for the Wednesday and Ice Cream Truck.  Lash your gear on top, clip your panniers on the sides and hit the trail!

To be clear, this rack is compatible with bikes that have rack barrels brazed on the seatstays above the disc caliper!  This is not the rack you want if your bike has rack attachment points at the dropout.  We've got lots of other options for those bikes. 

Like most things Surly makes, this rack is made from tubular 4130 CroMoly steel and is built to take a beating with a 30kg (66lb) weight limit.  We're not sure why you'd want to carry that much stuff but hey, knock yourself out!  All required hardware is included and packed in a handy reusable tool pouch rather than yet another plastic bag.  Props to Surly for cutting down on waste and using recyclable or reusable materials in their packaging.

Installation will be familiar to anyone who has worked with other Surly racks and is fairly straightforward.  The rack's height is highly adjustable to clear nearly any wheel/tire combo and keep your center of gravity low.  Surly recommends allowing a minimum of 6mm clearance.  Here's a link to Surly's installation instructions - which are also included with the rack. 

  • Weight Limit:  30kg / 66lb
  • Finish:  ED Coating and Black Powdercoat
  • Rack Material:  10mm Tubular 4130 CroMoly Steel
  • Hardware Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Platform Dimensions:  Standard - 350 x 150mm | Wide - 350 x 200mm
  • Rack Weight:  Standard - 1,606g | Wide - 1,699g

Shipping Note:  Like most rear racks, these are quite bulky and ship in an oversized package.  Therefore, they aren't eligible for free shipping and will ship for a $10 flat rate.