Surly Lou 26 x 4.8 120tpi Fatbike Tire


Product Overview

Lou is Bud's rear-specific, über-fat partner in crime.  With a voluminous 4.8" width, Lou's mission in life is to float you and your fatbike over the softest, loosest terrain while providing plenty of pedaling and braking traction.  Tall, widely-spaced paddle knobs dig in to provide maximum grip and keep the rubber side down.  With a flexible and lightweight 120tpi casing, Lou spreads the love over a massive contact patch and rolls smoothly over uneven terrain.  Mount 'er up on a 100mm rim for max volume or turn it down a notch with rims as narrow as 65mm.  If your frame has clearance for the fattest of the fat, Bud and Lou are ready to ride! 

  • Fits 26" (ISO 559) rims, 65-100mm wide
  • 120tpi casing for a smooth ride and reduced weight
  • Tubeless Ready, Kevlar Bead
  • 1585g