Surly External Bearing Bottom Bracket for OD Cranks


Product Overview

Made for Surly with high-quality, well-sealed Enduro cartridge bearings - this is the replacement BB you want for your Offset Double crank.  Also compatible with other 24mm spindle cranksets, such as Shimano Hollowtech II or others.  NOT compatible with stepped-spindle cranks, such as SRAM. 

The Enduro bearings feature double labyrinth seals, meaning they actively shed and stay clean of dust, muck, and grime, even in wet and muddy climates. 

  • English Threaded
  • Fits 24mm spindles: Surly OD, Shimano Hollowtech II, etc.
  • 73mm BB shells ONLY.  NOT recommended for 68mm shells. 
  • Double-sealed Enduro bearings