Salsa EXP Anything Cradle Side-Load Kit


Product Overview

The whole enchilada, this kit comes with the Salsa Anything Cradle, Salsa Dry Bag, two 30" EXP rubber straps and the newest version of the EXP Series Front Pouch, saving you some hard earned dough when you buy the full kit. 

The cradle is a bracket-mount handlebar roll system that offsets your gear in front of your handlebars without kinking your cables. The side load bag is maintained at a fixed height in the cradle, making it easy to load. This system allows you to distribute your gear evenly for a well balanced bikepacking setup.  

  • Kit includes Anything Cradle, Side-Load Dry Bag, EXP Series Front Pouch, and two 30" Salsa EXP Series Rubber Straps
  • EXP Series Anything Cradle Side-Load Dry Bag is fixed-height for easy loading
  • Salsa EXP Series Rubber Straps are made of non-slip TPU to hold gear securely
  • Works with or without EXP Series Anything Cradle Front Pouch
  • Anything Cradle Dry Bags feature a welded seam construction with waterproof materials and hook-and-loop straps for easier installation
  • Anything Cradle Front Pouch uses water-resistant fabric with welded seams for weather protection
  • Anything Cradle Arms are compatible with 35.0 mm handlebars or 31.8 mm handlebars (with included shim)
  • Nylon 6/6 composite cradle, 6061 forged aluminum arms
  • Maximum load weight: 8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
  • Volume: Dry Bag - 13.7L / 835.4 in.3, Pouch - 2.42L / 147.8 in.3

*This set-up works great with a flat bar setup because it allows for side access to the bag.  If you're running drop bars consider the Salsa Anything Cradle Top-Load Kit for top access to the bag.