Salsa Anything Cage HD with Rubber Straps


Product Overview

Salsa's original Anything Cage has become a staple in many riders' arsenal of bikepacking gear.  The Anything Cage HD works on the same principle as the original but is constructed of heavy-duty, impact-resistant nylon for toughness and durability.  The shape matches Salsa's new Anything Cage Bag perfectly and will also work with a wide variety of other stuff sacks, dry bags, water bottles or "roundish objects" of all kinds.  

The Anything Cage HD mounts to bottle cage bosses using the "three-pack" configuration.  These eyelets are found on most Surly models and an increasing number of bikes from other makers.  The Anything Cage HD cannot be installed with band or hose clamps.  It must be bolted directly to eyelets on the frame or fork.  Call or email with questions about fit.  

  • Comes complete with hardware and two rubber straps
  • Cage Weight: 149g
  • Cargo Weight Limit: 6.6lbs (a full 32oz Nalgene bottle weighs about 2.75lbs)