Revelate Designs Joey Downtube Bag


Product Overview

The Joey adds carrying capacity "down under" for bikes with limited room for a frame bag, or those just needing more space.  Attaching near the bike’s bottom bracket, it is ideal for carrying dense, heavy items while keeping the center of gravity low.  Check out the video below to see the Joey in action!

Designed to fit an 8 oz fuel canister, Vargo BOT, Jetboil, or 2L hydration bladder, the Joey is ideal for multi-day self supported adventures.  An intricately designed compression molded foam panel along the bag’s top is paired with silicone coated compression straps for a downtube bag that won’t budge, even on the roughest terrain.  The simple roll-top closure allows for easy access while attached to the bike, eliminating problems with mucked up zippers in a notoriously muddy area. 

Fit Notes

Keep tire, crank and chainring clearance in mind when mounting the Joey.  Be sure your suspension fork can fully compress and will not contact the bag, even when it is packed to the maximum.  Tire contact can cause a nasty crash and resulting bag damage is not covered under warranty.  Same goes for cranks, chainrings and chain.  Use common sense when selecting a mounting location and be sure to fully test your setup before a big trip.


  • The Joey is designed to add carrying capacity to bikes with limited room for frame bags, or those just needing more space.
  • Ideal for carrying dense or heavy items while maintaining a low center of gravity.
  • Roll top closure provides easy access while still attached to bike.
  • Designed to fit popular camp cooking items including an 8 ounce fuel canister, large titanium cup, Jetboil Flash cooking system, Vargo BOT, or the HydraPak 2L Seeker water container.
  • Two silicone coated straps paired with a compression molded, curved foam panel keep the bag fixed to bike's downtube. 
  • Side straps to compress load provide additional stability.
  • Approx. 10" inches long when packed to capacity.

Made in USA with domestic and imported materials


  • Weight:  4.2 oz; 119 g
  • Volume:  2 L; 122 in³
  • Materials:  RevX-Pac Fabric: Dimension Polyant VX-21 with proprietary abrasion resistant finish.; VX-07 CIRE, compression molded dual density foam, silicon backed straps.

Product Videos