IRD Bottom Bracket QB-95


Product Overview

This is IRD's top-end square taper bottom bracket, made in Japan by Tange Seiki. If you want, you can put this one on the mantle and just admire it.  The finish is almost too nice for a component that you'll never see once it is installed. We carry bottom brackets which work with the cranks we sell, which means JIS square taper (will not fit for Campagnolo). For a replacement bottom bracket on a Long Haul Trucker with the stock Andel crank use the 118. For Sugino XD2-500T crank use the 107. For the Sugino Alpina 2 crank use the 110 to achieve 45.7mm chainline to the middle ring. Also get the crank puller tool and the bottom bracket installation tool if you don't have them.

- High polish finish
- Japanese sealed cartridge bearings
- POM industrial seals
- CNC-machined A6061 aluminum cups
- SCM415 chromoly spindle
- Ten year warranty
- Made in Japan


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