SKF Bottom Bracket, BAS-600


Product Overview

Designed from the ground up to optimize strength and durability.  To keep the bearings running smoothly, SKF designed and patented multi-stage seals that retain the grease and keep out water and dirt. All parts of the SKF bottom brackets - including the bearings - are made from corrosion-free stainless steel and aluminum. 

We stock the JIS square taper BAS-600 model in 107, 110, 113 and 116 mm spindle lengths.  For a replacement bottom bracket on a Long Haul or Disc Trucker with the stock Andel crank use the 118. For Sugino XD2-500T crank use the 107. For the Sugino Alpina 2 crank use the 110 to achieve 45.7mm chainline to the middle ring.  Fits bottom bracket shell widths of 68 or 73 mm.

To install or remove you will need the Park BBT-18 tool and, to remove the crank arms, a crank puller.

  • 10 year warranty includes bearings
  • Roller bearings on drive side
  • Extra-large ball bearings on non-drive side
  • Patented seals
  • Entirely made from stainless steel and aluminum
  • Made in Germany
  • JIS square taper
  • 320 grams

Product Videos