The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Archive


Product Overview

The Rough-Stuff Fellowship is the oldest off-road cycling club in the world.  Established in 1955, these pioneering women and men have explored the high mountains tracks and paths of the UK and beyond.

These stunning photos, only recently unearthed, celebrate their style and spirit.  They show ordinary people doing extraordinary things and document an unseen corner of cycling history and British outdoor culture.

These pictures are not just of historic firsts.  They are of everyday riding: of club meets and brew-ups and holidays and adventures; of big landscapes and tight thickets, and of exploring how far an ordinary bicycle and a can-do attitude can get you.  In their own way, these women and men were pioneers, pedalling and carrying their bikes where angels feared to tread.

Out there beyond the road's end, in the valleys and on the mountains, lies a wonderful world available only to those who venture to find it.  I hope this book will inspire more people to follow in their tyre tracks.

- From the introduction by Mark Hudson, RSF Archivist