Teravail Coronado Tire - 27.5 x 3, Tan

$75.00 - $80.00

Product Overview

The Coronado is one of our favorite all-around plus size tires, striking a great balance of efficiency, traction and durability.  They're especially great for sandy terrain but still roll quickly on the tamer stretches of your route.  The corner knobs offer the bite you need to hold a line on singletrack or climb out of a rut but won't squirm excessively when cornering on pavement or hard pack. 

The mild and open center tread works with the slightly more aggressive side knobs to offer traction and efficiency in varied terrain. Of course the tires are tubeless ready for flat prevention, lower-pressure traction and comfort

We carry the Light and Supple version of these tires for when extra sidewall protection isn’t necessary, you want to decrease weight and speed up your ride. We also carry the Durable version where casings are reinforced for extra peace of mind on expedition-style trips or for those who tend to go sideways into sharp things. 

** Current stock of Light and Supple Coronados have tan sidewalls. **