Surly Whip Lash Gear Strap Multi-Pack


Product Overview

The Whip Lash’s primary function is to help you attach whatever needs attaching to your bicycle frame, though Surly suggests it could be suitable as a tourniquet or stylish headband in a pinch. Rubberized on one side to keep your stuff from slipping around, the Whip Lash’s trimmable design features nylon construction and a simple hook-and-loop style closure.

"...the Whip Lash’s potential is limited only by your imagination. You could use one to strap your beverage to the down tube when the trail says you ought to keep your hands on the bars. Or you could use another to fix your fishing gear to the top tube when rack space is maxed out. Whatever you get into on or off the bike, they’re handy to have around because they’re light, compact, and easy to use." -Surly

The multi-pack includes two 550mm(21.6in) lashes and one 695mm(27.4in) lash.