Soma Steel Core Tire Levers


Product Overview

These slim, highly packable tire levers deliver serious bead-lifting power!  Some inferior "steel core" levers only have metal reinforcement in the handle, making failures at the business end quite common.  These feature a full-length steel shank that runs all the way to the tip of the spoon, making them virtually unbreakable.  We've managed to put a bend in them over many years of shop use but never had one fail. 

The spoon is nice and slim, making tight beads easier to manage.  The opposite end features a handy hook to hold a spoke and keep the lever in place when using two levers.  The smooth, durable polymer exterior slides smoothly, won't mar your rims or damage soft beads. 

We sell them individually.  Order whatever quantity you'd like.  Choose between stealthy black and hi-visibility neon.  The bright colors are handy when you're searching for the lever in your pack, on the workbench or on the ground.  If you're picky about color, feel free to make a note with your preference on your order.  Otherwise we'll choose the color(s) we think will suit you the best.  How will we know which to choose?  Trust me, we'll know.