Rockgeist Foxglove Seat Pack


Product Overview

Rockgeist's Foxglove bag is a stable, durable, and weight-efficient saddlebag option.  The Foxglove's conservative volume makes it ideal for riders seeking to travel efficiently or those with minimal space between their rear tire and saddle (e.g., size small frames, bikes with rear racks, 29ers, or 29+ tires).  

Build Highlights
* Hypalon® rubber reinforcement
* VX42 bottom panel
* HDPE plastic support on sides and bottom
* Closed cell foam panels at base
* Reflective strip option - rear car-side location

Weight: 12oz
Volume: 7.5L
Required Tire Clearance: 6"
Exposed Seat-post Required: 2"

Both the Truffle Brown and Stone Grey Foxglove are constructed with X-Pac and are 100% water resistant. The Truffle Brown is constructed with a Cotton Duck X-Pac for a natural feel.  

Important Note: It is mandatory to check tire clearance prior to use, especially with full suspension bikes.  Bag contact with a tire can cause a bad wreck and ruin your day.

Rockgeist's high quality products are hand-made in Asheville, North Carolina.