Road Runner Buoy Bag - Dry Bag for Rack or Cargo Cage


Product Overview

The Buoy Bag is an extra-large dry bag built for cargo cages like Salsa's Anything Cage or the King Cage Many Things Cage.  They also work well strapped to the deck of a rack or in other applications.  These are a good bit larger than Salsa's Anything Bag or the Revelate Polecat, so you want to pack them tightly and strap them securely.  We often like to use a third strap (see photo) to secure the top of the bag when it rises above the top of the cage. 

Two-layer construction with a durable, abrasion resistant, 1000D Cordura shell and seam-taped nylon ripstop liner for reliable waterproofing.  The nylon liner is also quite slippery, making it much easier to stuff your gear in nice and tight compared to grippy, PVC-coated fabrics.

  • Weight - 4.5oz
  • Dimensions - 20" unrolled.  13" to top of webbing chain.  6" Diameter
  • Approx. Volume - 7.75L
  • Made in Los Angeles, USA
  • USA-made materials and hardware