Park Tool CWP-7C Universal Crank Puller


Product Overview

Compact and easy to use, this crank puller is perfect for the home mechanic or your travel tool kit while being durable enough for heavy shop use. 

The collar fits standard 22x1mm threads.  NOT compatible with French-threaded cranks that have a larger threaded opening. 

Interchangeable rotating tips (11.3 and 16.3mm) allow this tool to remove square taper or splined crank arms.  The tips are held in place by durable o-rings and are easy to swap for the job at hand. 

The driver may be turned with a 15mm wrench or an adjustable wrench.  Compared to similar tools with a fixed handle, this allows the user to adjust their grip angle for maximum mechanical advantage and uses tools you probably already have. 

Made in the USA of domestic and foreign parts.