Palmy Lightweight Alloy Mini U-Lock


Product Overview

This lightweight, aluminum u-lock is perfect for the traveling cyclist seeking peace of mind without the heft of a steel lock.  It is ideal for resupply stops in towns where you'd rather not leave the bike unlocked.  Weighing around 310 grams (less than 10oz of water) and with a compact shackle, this lock easily disappears into your bag until needed. 

While a motivated thief could make relatively quick work of this lock with a hacksaw, it still provides a higher level of security than a cheap cable lock that can be defeated with bicycle brake/shift cable cutters.  We don't recommend this lock for high-risk areas or when leaving the bike unattended for a longer period of time.  You'll want a proper steel u-lock in that situation.  The shackle is also smaller than most other mini u-locks out there, so your options for locking strategies may be limited depending on the size of your tires, frame tubes, etc.  Measurements are listed below and are worth consulting. 

Pair this lock with the Kryptonite 525 noose-end cable for extra flexibility and security if needed. 

  • Lightweight aluminum u-lock for security in low-risk situations
  • Outside Dimensions: 7 x 4.25"  (18 x 11cm)
  • Inside Dimensions: 3 x 5"  (13 x 7.5cm)
  • Weight:  ~310g  (10.9oz)
  • 3 keys included