Jones Kraton Rubber H-Grips


Product Overview

The Jones Kraton rubber H-Grips are durable, inexpensive, easy to install and are made especially to fit the Jones H-bars. The 165mm length also works well on the Surly Moloko Bar or any other handlebar where you want a little more room to move your hands around.

The synthetic rubber is very durable and deep patterning gives you a solid grip.  34mm diameter is a bit larger than your average grip and will improve comfort for larger hands or folks who prefer less finger wrap. 

The included expanding bar plugs are sized perfectly to protect the end of the grip and prevent dirt from getting underneath.  Stainless steel hardware keeps the bar plugs from rusting in place. 

  • Durable Kraton Rubber
  • 34mm diameter
  • Expanding Bar Plugs included