Honjo Fender L-Bracket


Product Overview

This is the bracket you need to attach metal fenders to a 90-degree offset hole in your seat stay bridge or fork crown.  Most of the fenders we sell - Gilles Berthoud and Honjo - do not include these brackets. 

There are two versions:

  • Front - Honjo #22, formerly #17.  This version has a vertical rise of about 23mm from where the top of the fender will be to the top of the slotted hole in the bracket. 
  • Rear - Honjo #23, formerly #18.  This version has a vertical rise (measured as above) of about 17mm.

The base is just slightly longer on the front bracket and the angle between the horizontal and vertical sections is less acute. Comes with bolts, nuts and fender washer as shown. 

You'll need to drill precisely located holes in your fender to attach these.  A center punch, sharp drill bit, steady hand and good eye are required.