Gilles Berthoud Leather Mud Flap


Product Overview

Extend the coverage on your front or rear fenders in style.  A mudflap up front will help keep tire spray off your feet and crankset.  A flap in the back is for the rider behind you!  Your companions will thank you for not spraying them in the face when riding wet roads!

These are cut from thick, sturdy leather and come with custom attachment hardware that mimics the bolts and washers used on Berthoud's excellent saddles.  Leather colors will vary and change over time due to variance in the dye and material, so please don't expect these mudflaps to be a perfect match for your saddle until the end of time.  Enjoy the patina, ride and smile.

You'll need to drill your fender to accept the bolts. 

Add some flash, reduce the splash.