Forceps and Nipper Set


Product Overview

Along with your rod, line and fly, these simple tools are wise to carry on any fishing outing. 

Forceps are handy for pinching barbs on hooks that aren't already barbless and for removing flies taken deeper in a fish's mouth.  In many cases, forceps allow you to remove the hook without ever touching the fish - greatly increasing the chance of survival.  For more tips on Catch & Release fishing check out this blog post from Trout Unlimited.  Keep 'em wet!

The nippers make clean, precise cuts in tippet material, perfect for trimming the tags from your knots, changing flies or making any other changes to your terminal tackle.  Don't use your teeth!  Your future self will thank you.  They also cut level line neatly if you're making up a custom rig streamside.  They can also be used to trim the hair or hackle on a fly for a sparser appearance. 


  • Weight: 0.86oz (24.3grams)
  • Jaw length: .9 inches (2.3cm)
  • Total Length:4.3 inches (10.9cm)
  • Features: flat tip, serrated inside (current forceps do not have a pin as pictured)


  • Weight (incl. metal chain): .25oz (7.1grams)
  • Length: 2 1/8 inches (5.4cm)

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