Five Ten Trailcross XT

Was: $165.00
Now: $115.50

Product Overview

These are Five Tens newest release in their flat pedal shoe design. You could say its the middle ground between Adidas Five Ten Trailcross LT, the low rise flat pedal shoe and the Five Ten Trailcross Pro, the flat pedal mids.

Luke Hontz, Senior Product Manager of Five Ten Bike best describes the range in these superior shows as follows...                                                                                                                                                       "First and foremost the Trailcross XT, like its siblings, is a Five Ten flat pedal shoe, which means it has to deliver the same riding performance that our customers expect. Where the LT is a primarily warm climate shoe, The XT model is designed with all countries and climates in mind. The philosophy of the Trailcross range remains at its core, developed to perform as a Five Ten on the bike whilst introducing the performance of Terrex off the bike. Be it hiking with your bike or being able to use the same shoe hiking all day, you should not have to compromise. The new XT model is the ‘All-Rounder’ in the range." 

These shoes are designed to be the quintessential bike and hike shoe for varying climates. The have a firm sole offering stability while still giving a fair amount of flex. The midsole points allow flexibility while hiking, but keep stiffness while on the pedal. In addition to being lightweight, these shoes allow for air flow and quick drying. The mid height cuff, helps keep debris out on loose terrain.

An all around great shoe for flat pedaled riding, in varying climates and terrain.