Product Overview

A kickstand can be a big asset, especially when loading or unloading your bike.  However, it isn't advisable or even possible to mount a traditional kickstand on many bikes.  The Click-Stand is a fantastic alternative, even for bikes that are compatible with a bike-mounted version.  It is a folding, portable kickstand for any bike - made by Tom Nostrant in Washington, USA from aircraft-grade 7000-series aluminum.  The Click-Stand delivers several key advantages over a frame-mounted kickstand.  Here are just a few:

  • Stronger and more stable - Supports the bike above its center of gravity.  Easily supports fully loaded bikes, even fully loaded touring tandems!
  • No Weight Limit!  If you can pedal it, the Click-Stand can hold it.
  • Lightweight - average weight for a complete Max-5 is around 80g (3oz). 
  • Bike can be leaned to either side and lean angle is easily adjustable as needed.
  • Available in lengths to fit any size bike and any frame style.  See below for sizing instructions. 
  • No potential for frame damage from clamping a kickstand to thin tubes or overloading.

We sell Click-Stands as a package that includes a Max-5 Clickstand with a medium (37mm or 1-3/8") cradle, three Brake Bands and a Fat Foot for extra grip.  Need a different sized cradle?  Make a note on your order and we'll swap it out for you.  Need a bracket to carry the Click-Stand alongside a water bottle cage?  We have those here.  We also sell extra Brake Bands and Fat Feet separately.  Need a length that you don't see here or isn't in stock?  Send us a message and we'll order it especially for you. 

How to Use the Click-Stand

The Click-Stand turns your bike into a super stable tripod in just seconds.  Here's how to do it:

  • Pull the Brake Bands around your brake levers to keep your wheels from rolling.  Locking both wheels will deliver maximum stability. 
  • Remove your Click-Stand from its bracket or your bag and undo the velcro strap. 
  • Hold the Click-Stand by its cradle and let the segments drop.  The internal shock cord will pull the segments together like a tent pole.
  • Place the cradle underneath your top tube where it joins the seat tube (or alternative contact point) and aim the foot out to deliver the desired lean angle.  Be sure that the foot is secure and will not slip.  That's it!

Steps to Order:

  1. Measure Your Contact Height.  Measure vertically from your contact point (usually the underside of the top tube where it joins the seat tube) to the ground.  Select the Click-Stand length that most closely matches this measurement.  See the photo above for illustration.
  2. Choose Your Cradle Size.  Unless you tell us otherwise, we'll ship your clickstand with a medium (37mm or 1-3/8") cradle.  This size is ideal for most steel frames.  Larger diameter frame tubes need a larger cradle.  See the sizing lineup photo above for the four size options.  Make a note upon checkout if you'd like a different size. 
  3. Bar End Shifters?  If your bike has bar-end shifters with cables run outside the handlebar tape you'll need to get the Brake Bands around those cables and next to your brake levers.  See the photo above for clarification. We'll send the brake bands open so you can perform this step.  Just make a note upon checkout.