Chromag Synth Platform Pedals


Product Overview

Looking for a comfortable, durable platform pedal that won't break the bank?  Chromag's Synth strikes the perfect balance.  The durable, lightweight composite body mirrors the concave shape of the high-end Contact and Scarab pedals and spins on the same top-quality spindle and bearings.  Traction is adjustable via the removable pins.  Plenty of color options to dial your ride.  

NOTE:  Chromag recommends tightening the pins in these pedals before using them to prevent the pin and nut from loosening.  Snug plus 1/2 turn is the rule of thumb.

Product Details:

  • 107 x 110mm platform dimensions
  • 380g per pair
  • Low profile, concave shape.  13mm thick at center.
  • 18 pin placements per pedal (9 each side)