Brooks Flyer Bike Saddle


Product Overview

The Brooks Flyer and its ladies model Flyer S are classically sprung saddles for long distance bike trekking and bike touring. Sharing the same leather tops of the B17 models, they combine the comfort of these popular models with the extra suspension granted by two rear springs. Both are available with tubular steel rivets or with hand hammered copper rivets (Flyer Special and Flyer S Special)

Length: 275 mm Width 175 mm Height 87 mm Weight 860 G

Warranty Information

Brooks products are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase against defects in manufacture or materials. If you believe you have a claim under this guarantee, send us an email and we will contact Brooks, send the defective product back to Brooks England Ltd , and substitute it with a new product if it is deemed a valid claim. Brooks England Ltd. and its dealers (us) will not accept claims due to crashes, accidents or low product maintenance and care.